Clothing on Consignment

Is your closet overflowing, but you have nothing to wear?

We’ll help you empty your shelves and clear off your hangers, and you’ll make a little money too!
If you’d like to bring clothes in to be taken on consignment, this is what you do:

-Call for an appointment.

-Make sure your clothes are up-to-date, on hangers and have no stains.
-Try to gather approximately 25 items per appointment.

Clothes that have been on our racks for 50 days are reduced to half price. On the 60th day, they go back to the original owner if she wants them back. If not, the items are sent to women's shelters.

Our Company

Cathy Humpage and Kim Ostryhon are proud to announce their newly acquired ownership of the boutique as of July, 2015.

With fashion and customer service for all.

Still In Style Resale Boutique

We bring excellence back to the shopping experience.

Still In Style Consignment Boutique specializes in consigning and selling pre-owned, designer apparel, bags & accessories.

After more than 25 years, our store has become a trusted Upscale Consignment Boutique located in the heart of the trendy Main St. shopping area in Newmarket. We go to great lengths to ensure customers are satisfied and pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service, combined with a highly effective platform for selling your authentic luxury items.